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Hiouchi Community Fellowship
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Reclaim Your Worth Conference!

Worship is more than song; it is a matter of the heart and mind. At Hiouchi Community Fellowship, worship comes from deep with our hearts and is expressed outwardly through songs, prayers, communion and sermons. Our worship experiences vary from Sunday to Sunday. At the core of all our Sunday Worship is corporate thanksgiving, people coming together to acknowledge God’s goodness and love. Our Praise Leaders bring a variety of music from contemporary music, classical hymns and gospel songs. We read scripture aloud, share in communion, and pray together. We preach and teach the word of God with the specific intent to honor God, and to learn to live, walk and work in the Kingdom of God.

Hiouchi Community Fellowship is a wholesome spiritual environment perfect for the healing and mending of the individual’s spirit. We invite you to join us for a season. Come and be with us for a period of time, examine for yourself the heart and purpose of this wonderful fellowship. We are confident that after a season of fellowship, worship and prayer, God will lead you according to His purposes.

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    400 Tolowa Road
    Crescent City, CA 95531

    Hiouchi Community Fellowship
    105 Sunkist Lane
    Crescent City, CA 95531

    PH: 707-951-1293

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